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Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis Battle Zero-Gravity and Each Other in Space Cowboys Tournament  November 11, 2013 – 03:09 am
Even Bruce Willis Couldnt Save Earth from Armageddon Asteroid

You think things can go wrong when fighting a war or executing a world-saving mission on the Earth? Try being a space cowboy, a guy whose dangerous business takes place in a vacuum of resources: outer space. These guys are a little bit crazy just for trying: Sean Connery (Outland) can’t even fire a shotgun without calculating the physics of it (firearm on Earth = rocket in space). Harrison Ford (Star Wars) has to deal with zero gravity, the Force, and an unfortunate cast of troublemakers who follow him around. (I’m talking about you, Leia.) Ditto for Bill Pullman (Spaceballs). Clint Eastwood (Space Cowboys) has to complete his mission while leading a group of fellow seniors. (No, not college students.) And Bruce Willis (Armageddon) — get this — has to somehow land on an accelerating Earth-bound asteroid and try to blow it up, with a nuclear bomb. Dangerous much? So which space cowboy throws the most caution to the space dust? You decide who’s the champ of interstellar kick ass!

Watch the ultimate space-cowboy spoof, Spaceballs, Sunday, June 20, at 3PM | 2C.

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Space tractor; not for dirt farmers.....

Protecting Earth: Gravitational tractor could lure asteroids off course
When a wayward asteroid is about to smash into Earth, scriptwriters for the movie Armageddon called in Bruce Willis to drill into the rock and nuke it. He succeeds but sacrifices his own life.
Now, two NASA scientists, both also astronauts, suggest a simpler, safer, and much more plausible way of diverting an offending asteroid. Their method relies on the gravitational tug of a massive, unmanned spacecraft to pull the rock away from a damaging rendezvous with Earth.

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