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Bruce Willis Armageddon Full Movie

Watch Full Armageddon (1998) Movie Online - Page 1  October 30, 2013 – 11:57 am

It started with "The Dirty Dozen" and continues to this day: a group of misfits, rejects, outcasts, lowlifes, and undesirables possess a unique skill set required to save humanity from destruction. The situation, as always, elevates the misfits over the mindless bureaucrats who reluctantly have to turn to them.Bruce Willis is Harry Stamper, the world's best oil driller. He is called upon by NASA, in the persona of Billy Bob Thornton (Dan Truman), the red-tape cutter who assembles our heroes. Keith David (Lt. Gen. Kimsey) plays to type as a Colin Powell clone whose orders are to destroy the mission whenever possible, while William Fichtner is Col. Sharp, a bureaucrat at heart who still thinks when necessary. Stamper's crew includes the men from his oil company, an ensemble of Ben Affleck (A.J., his future son-in-law), Michael Clarke Duncan ("Papa Bear, " a jolly black Giant), Ken Hudson "Quiznos Baby Bob" Campbell (Max, a grown up, dumbed down version of Bob), Owen Wilson (Oscar, the space-cadet geologist), Steve Buschemi ("Rockhound, " and the guy you know your daughter will talk to despite your warnings), and Will Patton (Chick). These men have worked together for years and are like family.

The "armageddon" project is based on current events, namely the realization that it's only a matter of time before earth is struck yet again, with most life forms not surviving. In the movie, there is 17 days to train the crew, fly them to the asteroid, and have them drill an 800 foot hole, into which a nuclear warhead is detonated, hopefully splitting the asteroid. Along the way, they pick up Peter Stormare (Lev), the Russian space station cosmonaut who gives the mission its international flavor, while reminding us that Russian astronauts are superior to American oil drillers.

The cinematography is what makes the film work. The plot plays out very predictably, as most movies of this type do. You won't be surprised by what you see, but you will be amazed at the visuals and snicker more than occasionally, as the egalitarian message of the film is driven home.

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I like some simple action movies

Die Hard had a more likable main character. Bruce Willis was the every day cop just trying to go see his family at Xmas and a wise ass to boot.
But better example of a fun action film where the main character was the quiet type was "Romeo Must Die" with Jet Li. Jet Li must have had less lines that Damon did in Bourne. But that movie moved along, had some plot twists and some interesting/entertaining characters (Anthony Anderson plays the same hilarious character that he always does). Delroy Lindo is great in the movie. Actually Alyiah might be one of the weaker actors in the movie

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